Since 1978, our diversified manufacturing of plastic molding parts ( double-injection parts.over molding.single injection parts.foam parts, etc. ) and surface finish technics ( painting.printing.gilding.plating, etc. ) win the approval of many well-known companies ( GE.Honeywell.Marelcom, etc. )

      Plastic molding parts have been important in the industrial sectors, such as aviation.electron.machines.shipping and automotive, etc., for many superexcellent and unique features (beautiful and dignified, good electric insulative.energies and mechanical properties. high barrier performance and processibility, etc. ).

     For example, ABS plastic molding parts are familiar, which is composed of Acrylonitrile.butadiene and cinnamene. Each monomer has a different characteristics: Acrylonitrile is with high strength. heat stability and chemical stability;  Butadiene is with tenacity and impact resistance; cinnamene is with easy processing. fine finish and high strength. ABS is a noncrystalline type resin. The property of ABS makes part design flexible and brings a hundred ABS that are with different properties. ABS resin widely applies to:
   Automobile (instrument panel, wheel cover, viewfinder case, etc. )

   Fridge.intensive tool ( agitator, food processor, grass cutter, etc. ), telephone housing, typewriter keyboard, the vehicle for entertainment.

    PEI has very high-temperature stability, toughness, intension, flame retardance,  good resistance to chemical attack and good electrical insulating properties. It mainly applies to:

   Automotive industry (engine fittings  including temperature transducer and air handling unit etc. )

   Wiring and Electronic devices ( printed-circuit board, chip carrier, armored cassette, etc. )

   Packing, internal unit in an airplane, pharmaceuticals industry.

   However, molding top-quality plastic parts is very complicated, it depends on the perfect part design, the rationality of mold structure, high-precision manufacturing, injection molding, etc.

  With a decade of hard work and continuous improvement, we have a very professional team of Product Developer. Mold Designer.Engineering and Operator.
   We are always your Total Plastic molding Manufacturing Solution, and we will make you as successful as our customers.