The Olayer Wet 2 Straight 1 inch Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron works very smoothly almost all types of hair. this is one of the best hair styling tools made by Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer. If you are tired with your thick curly hair by using different kinds of chemicals then this iron might help you to get the straight hair. Normally it will take half an hour to straighten your hair. Though the time depends on your hair how small or long it is! The most useful thing for this iron, it gets hot very quickly. You don’t need to use the hair dryer. So there will be no sweating at all! While straightening you may use a comb which is really very helpful. Make sure that you have used a great conditioner and also apply the hair spray for the best result. In other words your hair will remain straight for a long time. You will definitely impress on it.

If you are a long hair owner, if your hair frizzes very easily or if your hair is mostly straight then no need to compare this product with others. It works very nicely on frizzy hair. It also does its job well where the climate is very humid. Don’t be worry for the product as you will get the same product which you have seen on the picture. If you have the fine long hair then separate your hair in 3-4 layers for the best results. As it heats up very quickly so it’s painless to apply.


The Wet 2 Straight 1 inch Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron from Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer gives you the chance to choose the proper heat for your hair. It has the heat controlling system which ranges from 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It has also a digital display which will show you the temperature. It heats up within 30 seconds and automatically shut off after 1 hour.
If your hair is fine or colored then use the low heat. If your hair is normal then provide the medium or if your hair is thick then apply the highest temperature.


If your hair is short then the Wet 2 Straight 1 inch Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron from Olayer private label flat iron manufacturer will give you the best effort. It will be very easy for you to straight the shorter hair at the bottom. At this point it’s truly better than the Olayer Wet 2 Straight 2 inch Wide Plate Wet/Dry Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron.

Again the Olayer Wet 2 Straight 1 inch Slim Plate Wet/Dry Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron works super on pretty straight hair or dry hair.

At the same time it dry and straighten your hair, so it saves your time.


This iron does not have any dual voltage system. Need to be careful while plugging. Sometimes it may cause frizzy and split in the middle or end of the hair. It may also cause the damage even if you use the heat protecting solutions. It happens only when you use the high heat on wet hair. So try to avoid using it on wet hair. However you can apply great conditioner and serums before straightening hair. It will help you to reduce the problem.

SpecialtyLeaves your hair in shine, soft and smooth shape
Suitable hair typeAll types of hair
Why should you buy the productLong lasting productPlates are made of ceramicMakes dry and straights hairDigital temperature settings (26 control settings)Provides the automatic turn off system (after 1 hour)
Wet hairCan use on wet hair
Dry hairCan use on dry hair
Positive sideCan get the wet hair dry and straight within very short time
Negative sideusing it on wet hair sometimes causes split on the hair
Price of the productcontact Olayer custom flat iron vendors to get wholesale flat irons price
TemperatureAdjustable temperature based on hair type
WeightMedium weight
Work possibilityIt can make both straight or curly hair
SizeRegular but can also use as travel size
Including accessoriesRemington Wet 2 Straight 1 inch Slim Plate Wet/Dry Ceramic Hair Straightening IronUser manual guide
ColorBlack (color varies)
Warranty2 years