SINCERE TECH. has built a leadership position in the plastic mold industry by providing unparalleled service in meeting customer requirements. This commitment philosophy is the foundation for the partnership that is formed with each customer by providing them with access to a full China operation of products and services with over 850 years of collective experience at your disposal.

SINCERE TECH continues to lead the plastics industry with leadership positions in:

  • Micron Tolerance Plastics Injection Molding
  • Custom Plastic Mold
  • Engineering Services
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Comprehensive Secondary Operations
  • Quality

Take the risk out of managing your projects
SINCERE TECH takes the risk out of managing your projects by working as an extension of your organization, our project engineers assume total ownership and accountability for every detail of your project and will ensure that the total program meets or surpasses your expectations… we will deliver your product on or before the expected delivery date.

Product samples shown feature micron tolerances and complex geometry that SINCERE TECH delivers consistently.

Our plastic injection molds are second to none and as a mold maker we rank as world-class.

Maximize your return on investment
In this tough economy, you need compelling and detailed justification before you invest in any supplier. You need to understand the inherent savings and powerful capabilities made possible by industry leadership. SINCERE TECH has the answers for your company.

plastic mold

By taking you step-by-step through a simple series of questions on customer retention, inventory costs, customer service costs, order processing costs, quality costs, etc. we will be able to provide quantitative information to assess whether to proceed with a particular vendor and what the proper course of action should be. Additionally, we can calculate the internal rate of return (IRR) and present a line-by-line report of projected savings and benefits for you.


SINCERE TECH. offers a full suite of plastics injection molding services, but there are certain markets that we transcend. These “target markets” play to our strengths… and feature competitive advantages and pricing supported by depth of expertise within our specialized units. Additional information may be obtained by sending us and email

First of a kind initiatives
SINCERE TECH’s proven plastic mold technology and global execution capabilities are of particular value to our clients when it comes to commercializing first-of-a-kind technologies. Our full-service capabilities offer clients a choice of expertise and services, from the technology development in the pilot stage through conceptual design, optimization, engineering, global procurement, construction, startup and commissioning.

Technology Transfer
SINCERE TECH is active in project management globally. This allows us to gain extensive knowledge of all industry standards, regulations, posturing, and procurement in different regions of the world. Our knowledge base offers customers significant added value in transferring technically challenging projects to our facility. With our international experience, we develop, design and fabricate intricate plastics components that accounts for in-country needs, and facilitates a successful project startup.


Modern, air-conditioned, 40,000 sq. foot building, built in 1986 and located on 15 acres.


  • 500 Ton, Nissei FN8000, Super Precision Injection Molding Machine (2)
  • 300 Ton, Nissei FN6000, Super Precision Injection Molding Machine
  • 250 Ton, Toshiba
  • 160 Ton, Nissei FN3000, Super Precision Injection Molding Machine
  • 150 Ton, TMC 150E
  • 120 Ton, Nissei P
  • 120 Ton, Mitsubishi 120 MSII
  • 90 Ton, Toshiba ISE90PN
  • 60 Ton, Nissei PS60, Super Precision Injection Molding Machine
  • 55 Ton, Toshiba FPIS55
  • 50 Ton, Toshiba
  • 40 Ton, Nissei NS40, Super Precision Injection Molding Machine (3)
  • 40 Ton, Toshiba
  • 30 Ton, Boy 30M (2) 


  • Roku Roku 32,000RPM Graphite Milling Center
  • Tree VMC 1050
  • Tree VMC 760
  • COMPUMILL 5000 B
  • ULTRAMILL 5000


  • State-of-the-Art CAM Systems with 21″ Monitors (15)
  • Xerox A-E Size Copier
  • Xerox A-E Size Printer


  • Charmilles Roboform 51, 24 Tool Changer
  • ELOX Heritage 8 Fanuc Control
  • Eltee/Pulsitron EP300CP Isocut
  • Hansvedt SM-150R (2)


  • Mitsubishi FA20 Wire EDM
  • Wire EDM Drill OM30


  • Deckel FP33
  • Deckel FP3L
  • Kearney Trecker with Rotary Head
  • Bridgeports Series 2J with Digital Readouts (6)
  • Alliant Mills with Digital Readouts (2)
  • Milwaukee KM Mill


  • Boyer Schultz Model 612 (5)
  • Mitsui Model 250 MH (2)
  • Mitsui Model 20 MH
  • Chevalier FSG-618 M (2)
  • Jacobsen Wet Grinder
  • Brown and Sharp #13 Cylindrical Grinder


  • Moore #2 with Digital Readout


  • Moore #1 with Digital Readout


  • 20″ HES
  • 12″ Clausing (2)
  • Hardinge Turret


  • Brown Sharpe Gage 2000
  • CORDAX 1805 MEA Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • OF13P, FLB2, Execustat 3 Software


  • Mitutoyo Comparator PH-350
  • Grade A Gage Blacks
  • Meyer Gage Pins
  • Mitutoyo Micrometer Set
  • Mitutoyo Toolmaker Microscope
  • 24″ Calipers
  • Surface Plate
  • Mitutoyo Height Master