China Mold Company industry concentration base “is located in Bao’an District of Shenzhen Komeito Town Ring Road, a planned area of 1.61 million square meters, annual turnover of 10 billion yuan after completion. Mainly by the integrated management of the building (built with public service platform), production companies ( Mold and Die product manufacturing enterprises), auxiliary enterprises (mainly include mold parts, tools, tools, supplies company, as well as heat treatment, polishing, test-mode service enterprises), and the living area (including residential, commercial, banking, and cultural and sports facilities) 4 Most of the composition.

    The first phase of land area of 55 million square meters, and on September 19, 2006 foundation-stone laying ceremony was held to officially launch the construction work, by the end of 2007 will be formally put into production.

    October 29, 2003, the Shenzhen Municipal Government issued a formal “support the development of industry cluster based on a number of opinions” of the notice, the notice specifies a base of support for policy:

(A) financial resources to support

    The municipal, district (town) financial base to give the industry cluster development and construction of matching financial support, industry cluster development and construction of supporting base (excluding land acquisition costs) of funds, in principle, the municipal, district (town) Financial 3:7 ratio of input.

    Technological advances in the industry of private money and city and SME development fund for each industry cluster base for setting up special funds to encourage industrial agglomeration base. The main purpose of the special funds:

    1. To subsidize industrial agglomeration base planning costs;

    2. To give a new industry cluster base of business projects and technical transformation projects, interest payments on loans;

    3. To subsidize industry, public technology industry cluster base platform and information platform for the construction costs.

    Industry cluster base infrastructure to include the year the municipal, district, town and three levels of government investment plans.

    (B) co-ordinate land development

    Industry cluster base construction sites in Shenzhen, land-use planning and short-term construction plan.

    Area, the town government in accordance with their conditions, the retained part of its land given to the development of the main base of industrial agglomeration certain rate of return. Supporting facilities construction land premium payment of land premium by industry.

    Foreign enterprises to move into industry cluster base, base management agencies give priority to land.

3) Optimize the built environment

    Into the short-term construction plan for the industrial concentration base, its external municipal facilities, and Municipal Planning and Land Resource Bureau and other relevant departments to give priority to the planning and construction of municipal facilities to do first, the basis of a complete set.

    The electricity sector should ensure that the electricity supply industry cluster base, improve security of electricity supply reliability. The water sector should ensure that industry cluster base water supply.

    Shijingmaoju base of industry concentration within the enterprises to provide energy conservation training and technical guidance, and free enterprise to develop energy-saving programs.

    (D) improve the government services

    City and district relevant functional departments should simplify the industry cluster base project in the project, land, environmental protection, construction and other sectors of the examination and approval procedures and provision of convenient green channel. Any change can be pre-approved post-approval issues are the implementation of post-approval. Customs, entry and exit inspection and quarantine departments to provide enterprises with convenient services.

    (E) the introduction of training personnel

    Enterprises need outstanding technical and management personnel (including senior technicians), city, district personnel and labor departments to give priority procedures for handling redeployment. The absence of personnel files of the enterprises transferred custody of the personnel, their personnel, labor archives were the municipal, district personnel exchange center and job placement centers are kept uniform.

    Incentive for industry to gather a base of universities and training institutions at home and abroad to establish multi-channel, a wide range of personnel training system. Encouraged to set up base in the industry gather specialized training schools and industry incubators.

    (F) Other supporting policies

    Industry cluster base logistics services to leading industries in the project, both enjoy the preferential policies supporting municipal logistics park. 

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