Injection Moulding machine with a complicated shape to a shape, size, accuracy, or with metal inserts denser texture of the plastic products are widely used in national defense, electronics, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture, hygiene and daily all areas of life. Plastic injection molding processing all kinds of good adaptability, high production capacity, and easy to automate. In today’s fast-growing plastics industry, injection molding machine, whether in quantity or variety play an important role both to become the fastest growing plastics machinery, production of the largest number of models.
   Star of Romania of its plastic processing business cloth, throughout the country, equipment, skill levels, most of the equipment and processing enterprises are required transformation. In recent years, China’s press industry is very significant technical progress, especially in injection molding machine technology gap with foreign brand names narrowed considerably, the level of control, internal quality and appearance products, and so have achieved significant change. Choice of domestic equipment to a smaller investment, but also can produce the same quality of equipment and imported equivalent product. The technological transformation of enterprises to create the conditions.
    Have good products, must have good equipment. Equipment wear and corrosion is a natural law, people master the law can prevent or reduce equipment wear and corrosion, prolonging equipment life cycle to ensure the operability of equipment.
    To enhance the use of plastic machinery, maintenance and management, our departments have developed the standards and implementation details of the request the device management and production company management and use of the equipment to do “scientific management, proper use, reasonable lubrication, careful maintenance, regular maintenance, scheduled maintenance, improve equipment availability, the equipment always in good condition.
    This writing the injection molding machine maintenance, maintenance of relevant knowledge and technical information for equipment management and production management of the business and technical officers.
    Plastic injection molding die-casting technology is based on principles of early twentieth century from the nineteenth century developed, and is currently the most commonly used plastic processing one of the methods. The law applies to all parts of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics (about the total amount of plastic 1 / 3).
    1.1 The working principle of injection molding machine
    The working principle of injection moulding machine and injection with a syringe similar to it with the screw (or plunger) of thrust, will have a good molten plastics (ie, viscous flow state) of plastic injected into the closed mold cavity a good, The cured products obtained after shaping process.