1, the advantages of the all-electric injection molding machine

Fully electric injection molding machines can not only meet the needs of special purposes but also more than ordinary advantages of the injection moulding machine. Recently, German Fei Luo Mati Komi Lake Long Company / Ferromotik Milacron Application of Division Chief, Dr. Jorg Dassow’s an open workshop, said: “In the local area, only hydraulic injection molding machine or a full build pressure until they have the basic types of benefits. “At the same time, he considered that need an extremely long and very high closed mold clamping pressure processing area, still need to use a hydraulic injection molding machine.

Dr. Jorg pointed out that the all-electric injection molding machine has been recognized the advantages of low power consumption and high accuracy. He claimed that Lake Long Fei Luo Mati Komi has confirmed the company’s technicians have a fully electric injection molding machine that can save 50% -70% of energy, but also in the cooling water use also has a similar effect. In addition, because all-electric injection molding machine is used as a short trip independent drive rod, hence it’s very high precision. All-electric injection molding machine precision reciprocating motion can not be ignored, because the quality requirements of plastic machinery spare parts have been significantly increased.

All-electric injection molding machine Another advantage is that you can reduce the noise, which not only benefits workers but also reduce the noise produced in the workshop cost of investment and construction.

2, the Japanese all-electric injection moulding machine Development Overview

Japanese injection molding machine manufacturers as early as 80 years in the 20th century, it pioneered the development of fully electric injection molding machine, and years of constantly updated technology.

Exhibition on display at the 2003NPE Nissei Corporation / Nissei latest series of fully electric injection molding machines. It’s Elect Nex series includes nine kinds of models, from 30-460 tons of clamping force. Wide scope of application, from small precision parts and components, multi-component parts to large parts can produce. Nissei Trexel company has reached an agreement to bring their patented technology Mucell micro-cell foam installed to the 30 tons of clamping force of the models. In addition In addition, since the Japanese refined the company’s products sold in China accounted for 50% of their exports, they plan to set up an office in Shanghai to set up customer service and spare parts distribution centers.

Nissei companies produce go Nex series of injection molding machine’s main advantages is to expand the range of choices injection molding and possession of a new control system is called tact, the series has the advantage of injection molding machine control system to reduce the volatility of changes in injection pressure. And Elect ES series compared to the precision injection molding higher 50%. Have better response characteristics and repeatability, thus injection speed can improve 40%. Another Tact system has a very wide control program, such as packing pressure, mold clamping pressure and process control are standard control procedures. At the same time, the characteristics of high-load applications can resolve optical thick-walled product production problems. Folder mode device (a flat folder mode) The main features can be carried out more quickly on / off and top out workpieces operation. Because of these advantages, from locking out the products reach the peak, the time can be shortened 35%. Flat Folder mode supported by the Center available to mobile and fixed platen transmission over a uniform clamping force.

The other from Japan’s Sumitomo / Sumitomo the company claims that they produce a new generation of SED series injection molding machine will cause the people to fully electric injection molding machine and miscellaneous mixed type, hydraulic type injection molding machine in a controversy. SED Series hydraulic injection molding machine will be a mixed blend of high-speed, high pressure and energy-saving all-electric injection molding machine, cleaner production and processing environment, the advantages of high precision and repetitive performance, together, in order to direct-drive technology as a major bright spot. There are many standard production models, the maximum clamping force of up to 200 tons of SED series injection molding machine has four direct drive servo motor, for driving plastics, injection molding, mold, and ejector device. In addition to plastics, operations are conducted in each step outside to use rolling transmission bolts and nuts. Four motors were not installed conveyor belt, providing mechanical energy, repeat performance, and sustained performance will achieve the best results, while avoiding the wear and tear caused by the use of conveyor belts, adjust the belt of dust falling into the gap, as well as trouble.

3, Insert Molding

Sumitomo all-electric injection molding machine vertical injection molding machine is the new SR series with a rotary table of the vertical injection molding machine specifically for the production of inserts, re-injection of component design, and used in the automotive, electronics, medical and consumer goods industrial production of components Field. Such injection molding machine equipped with 5 sets of servo motors, produced only when necessary